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Essential oil Still 275 L

Pot-still for essential oils production
A copper pot still for essential oils distillation process. The device consists of an 255L water tank, a 275L pot still into which the herbs are to be put for distillation process, conecting pipe and the PH30L flow pipe cooler.
The boilers are made of CU DHP 99.96% quality copper, and the cooler is made of stainless steel AISI 304 and contains 4 vertical tubes of fi10mm, 1000mm in length.
The bottom of the 275L pot still in which the plants are to be placed, is perforated and the fi6mm holes cover the entire surface of the bottom. The reason for the perforation is that the water vapor can freely pass through the upper part of the pot still, specifically through the herbs.
The pot still is to be heated by wood or gas using a gas burner.
The bottom 255L pot is filled with water up to 50% of its capacity (125L), so that between the water and the upper pot still there is a minimum of 1500mm of space where the vapor is to be created and is able to go up into the pot still where the herbs are.
One 125L filling of a pot still with water is sufficient for one distillation process, and for each subsequent process the evaporated water is to be supplemented. The 275L pot still is to be filled with herbs, by pushing them inside hard so more of it fits in.
If it is filled up to the maximum, about 130 kg of dry lavender fits in the 275L pot still (this information can vary, depending on the choosen herbs).
The 30L cooler has an approx. 100L/h consumption.
A distillation process lasts between 2,5-3 hours depending on how filled up is the pot still and on the quantity of vapor produced, which is increased by intensive heating.
Emptying the herbs from the pot still is done using two handles that serve to lift up the pot still and by overturning to empty the herbs to the place provided for it. The use of protective gloves and work clothing is mandatory due to increased temperature and evaporation as well as the boiling herb mass. Cleaning is done the way described in the instructions manual provided with the pot still.

phone  +381 64 821 5028

phone  +381 64 899 3231

phone  +381 64 821 5028

phone  +381 64 899 3231


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