About us


We cherish our tradition. Our story begins from late 1949, when DES inherited and continued the tradition of boiler manufacturing dating from the 30's of the past century, inheriting experience, tools and documentation from Rem-Bartok, gentlemen who were renowned producers of boilers for alcoholic beverages distilling.

The essence of the business has never changed, it involves not only manufacturing of quality products but creation of value for our clients. In our vision, without a maximum quality product you can't achieve but a temporary success. We exist, advance and excel for more than 55 years.

DES Subotica, by this name exists from 1961 as an enterprise for professional rehabilitation and enabling persons with disabilities. From 2007, DES is a part of LION GROP Serbia.


It was never our goal to create mediocre products, but an ideal ratio between design, price and quality. we don't offer only a distilling boiler but tend to facilitate the most pleasant possible distilling experience. This is the way in which we offer value and satisfaction to our clients. Our products are chosen by clients which simply want the best and are not satisfied by anything less. Our goal is to manufacture a product worthy of those who will admire it with demanding and critical eyes and we will work tirelessly in order to create exactly this type of products for you.


DES today is a multinational company, with a serious presence in Serbia and all neighboring countries either by our direct dealerships or authorized dealers. Our products are sold on special orders even in far away Australia and United States, also in Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Greece.. DES is the largest company of this type in the entire region. We succeeded to adapt a hand made product to industrial production conformed to ISO quality standards: through constant investments and continual upgrades of production processes, investments in performance machines for processing metal components, we excel an continual growth of production volumes as a requirement for satisfying a growing demand for our products. We continue to place an accent on education and rehabilitating our employees including personswith disabilities.


All the parts of the distilling device that are in any contact with the alcohol distillate, during the distillation process, are made of 99.96% pure copper. The copper is a very good heat conductor and it binds and neutralizes a larger portion of acids and other perishable chemicals, which are generated during alcoholic fermentation of fruits. That is why brandy, produced in a copper boiler has a better smell and taste.