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100% satisfaction guaranteed?

When it comes to the production of boilers for brandy, DES is a renowned company in this part of Europe which over the years has behind him thousands of satisfied customers. From us, you get the original product and where you reproach, we guarantee to return the money in full.

What are the advantages of boilers to boilers DES artisanal products?

DES company produces industrial boilers at ISO quality management standards, our products are made by qualified and certified, quality materials and do not compromise our models have evolved based on an experience of over 50 years. In this way, we facilitate an excellent ratio between price, design and quality and offer guarantee for our products, besides, every product is tested before leaving our factory premises. The products are practical, easy to install and handle, and their life cycle is estimated at 20-30 years.

What is the difference between stable and boilers dump?

The difference between the two models is the design of the outbreak. Focus models have articulated in two parts that fills the top of the boiler and after the distillation process is swung using prescribed manner for this operation thus facilitating a more efficient boiler drain. Boilers stable outbreak is composed of a single part. The boilers come with two separate ports, one for charging and one for emptying the boiler.

Produce boilers at special order

DES product design can not be changed when it comes to standard models, however all boiler specifications (thickness of materials, models stable position openings for filling and emptying) can be changed according to individual wishes.

How does the water seal?

The device uses the most efficient water seal at the crown and cups copper boiler to boiler cover connected by copper pipe thus preventing steam escaping from the appliance alcoholics. The connection between the boiler and the boiler is designed cover a trench pour hot water overflow to the point, also the boiler and vessel connections cooler pipe connectors are designed with cups in which hot water is poured to the point of overflowing. If you notice that during distillation some of the water evaporated simply adding water. The sealing water works more efficiently than any other traditional method of sealing.

Why copper?

Boilers for brandy traditionally produced copper! Copper is very good conductor of heat resistant to organic acids and has a very positive effect on the taste and smell of distillate, it turned out better than any other metal (aluminum, stainless steel, etc ..). For this reason distillates (vodka, brandy) made in copper stills smell and taste fresh.


What is the difference between a classic cooler and a 30 L flowing cooler?

The flowing cooler is made of a higher quality stainless steel material, compared to the classic galvanized sheet cooler. Therefore, the lifespan of the stainless steel cooler is much longer. The flowing cooler enables lower water consumption, better and controlled cooling. The flowing cooler, capacity of 30 L, has a smaller dimension, it is easier to move and clean. The DES team is at your disposal for any additional questions.

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