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Unit for distilling alcohol

Wizard SW450 max 450 L Net
Still – gross capacity 650 L
Still material Cu DHP
Steam injection/1bar Ø 35mm
Ø lling hatch Stainless steel 304
Reflux pipe Stainless steel 304
Head of the still – swan neck Cu DHP
Pipe for execes pressure Cu DHP, Ø 28 mm
Connecting pipe- still/dephlagmator - Ø 63 Stainless steel 304
Connecting pipe- dephlagmator /cooler - Ø 63 Stainless steel 304
Dephlagmator 66/15 mm Cu DHP
Temperature control Theremometar
Cooler Stainless steel 304
Alcoholmeter holder Stainless steel 304
Emptying hatch/ quick mechanism Brass
CIP system for automatic cleaning included 3 unites
Manufacturer’s Guarantee* in accordance with the terms of use 3 years