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Bottom Copper 99,96% 1mm
Wall Copper 99,96% 0,8mm
Upper part Copper 99,96% 1mm
Lid Copper 99,96% 0,8mm
Cooler Stainless steel 430 0,8mm
Vertcal pipe Copper pipe Ø15x1mmx1000mm
Connecting pipe Copper pipe Ø22x1mmx1500mm
Furnace Cold rolled steel 1,5mm
S/M - with mixer    
Heating with solid fuel - WOOD    
Possibility of GAS heating    
4 vertical pipes in cooler    

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Model Tilted 100L - With mixer

The fruit distilling pot still is a distillation assembly designed for home-made brandy making. Through the distillation process, an alcoholic distillate is obtained from the alcohol fermentation of fruit mash (plums, pears, apricots, grapes, etc.). The distillation pot still consists of a copper boiler to which heat is applied that enables vaporization of the alcohol, a cooler in which alcohol is condensed and a connecting tube that connects both of the vessels.All the parts of the distillation pot still that get in contact with alcoholic distillate during the distillation process are made of pure copper. During the distillation process, copper binds i.e. neutralizes a large portion of the acid and other chemical impurities that are generated during fruit fermentation or distillation itself.

*** Due to the constant investment in product improvement, there may be a difference in the appearance of the cooler compared to picture on our web shop . The changes will not affect the functionality of the product.

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phone  +381 64 821 5028

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phone  +381 64 821 5028

phone  +381 64 899 3231


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