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10 L mini hobby NEW

10 L mini hobby NEW

NEW🌟! Mini distillery kit! A small multi-practical pot still intended for the distillation all of types of spirits and essential oils. 🍸🍹🍻🍷🥂

⭐Suitable for home distilling
⭐Made of pure electrolytic copper
⭐Removable stainless steel basket for essential oil (included)
⭐Electric heating source, 2 kW (stove)

The product is complete, contains its own electric heating source, 2 kW, copper pot, and cap, which are connected/fastened with a quick coupler - clamp. The flowing cooler of the device is completely made of copper, compact and efficient, it provides adequate cooling during the distillation process. A precision faucet is installed to fine-tune the water flow, and water consumption will depend mainly on inlet water temperature. The set of devices contains a stainless steel basket that you can use when you distill aromatic plants for the production of essential oils, a gin-type alcoholic beverage, or when you want to provide additional aroma to your fruit distillate. If you distill other types of drinks such as fruit brandy or whiskey, the basket can be easily removed. A precise digital thermometer is installed to measure the steam temperature during the distillation process. The device works in an open steam circulation system, and for additional safety, a safety valve has been installed on the lid of the device, which will release steam in case of creating higher pressure in the device.

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