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150 DWA

150 DWA

We are very proud of Joe, from the @cvdistillery . With our Premium DWA 150 L still, he produces top-quality distillates that win many awards in the distillation world. These awards are now one of the most important part of his awesome distillery. 😊🥂

A year of incredibly hard work, countless sleepless nights and decided to leave a job that has been good to Joe for over 15 years. The recognition that comes with these awards has made it all worthwhile. It wasn't easy to be acknowledged as a successful new distillery and be in with the chance to win The New Distillery Award from The Gin Guide. 🌟🍸

To find out more about this pot still visit our website www.despotstills.eu or contact us by email sales@des.rs. Also, there you will find different type of stills: traditional and commercial stills, side bubble plate column still or maybe aroma max column still designed for the maximum smoothness beverages.🍸🥃🍷🍹🍻

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