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150 L 2 side columns 6 bubble plates

150 L 2 side columns 6 bubble plates

Slovenia is known as a small country full of wineries and top-quality wine, a country that offers a great variety of aromas, flavors, styles, and types of drinks. For that reason, we are again in Slovenia, we are assembling another premium 150 L still, with 2 side columns/6 bubble plates. Mr. Gabor Boštijan, from Gornja Bistrica, is starting the production of cognac and gin. His distillery is still in the preparation process and the final works are yet to come, but we decided to share the photos from the first trial testing of this unit with you.

The installation of the still was very easy, considering that this is the 7th premium pot still delivered in Slovenia, and we are already used to the kindness of the Slovenian people.

Do you have any idea for starting your own distillery? Contact us by email: sales@des.rs
We will introduce you to the nearest distilleries that produce their alcoholic beverages in our PREMIUM stills.

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