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200 L DWA bubble plates with side columns

200 L DWA bubble plates with side columns

Today, the DES team is in Slovenia, where we installed a Premium DWA 200 L side column still. In this beautiful distillery made by Franc Ozmec, the first distillation trial of red wine has just started. We want to share our impressions with you... 😊

200 L still, 2 columns, 6 bubble plates, 1 gin basket, and after 3 hours of distillation the results are obvious: In all 6 bubble plates, the temperatures are equalized and optimal, as you can see the flow of final distillate is constant and perfect.

This side column still can be used for multiple purposes, so you can distill and make your own brandy, gin, rum, whiskey, wine and other spirits. Contact us by email sales@des.rs or visit www.despotstills.eu

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