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Chew Valley Distillery

Chew Valley Distillery
A very special place for gin lovers. Our customer has opened his own bar in the UK ... just imagine how powerful it is to have your own bar where you serve spirits that you have distilled! At the Chew Valley you can try their gin, local cocktails and fine wines. Every bottle is distilled, bottled, hand labelled and quality checked by them in this tiny building.
Chew Valley Distillery is using our Premium 120 L stills. If you are into distilling and looking to add a new still in your craft distillery, we are available at www.despotstills.eu
The Pink Grapefruit and Raspberry gin has proved very popular in the bar and this beautiful looking cocktail is now their biggest hit.
50ml Chew Valley Blush Gin
25ml Lemon Juice
20ml Raspberry liqueur
10ml Grenadine
1 Dash Foamer
We offer competitive trade prices with unrivalled pre- and post-purchase support.

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