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Craft distilling

Craft distilling

started with small steps, today they are one of the most famous gin producers in Serbia. They won various medals for delicious types of gin, and this is their new distillation toy, a Performance hobby 100 L still. The Ginfinity team also produces brandy and liqueurs, so this column still is perfect for them. 🍸🍹

Behind this brand is a passionate, dedicated and very professional woman, mother of two girls. She wants to be successful in this business! 🏆

Ginfinity has started with a small one, 10 L hobby still, intended for home distillation. After a while, they ordered a new one, 100 L hobby still. As they have a lovely gin, the demand of customers started to grow and soon they bought 160 L still also intended for distillation at home. This new Performance hobby still is just the crown of their hard work.
It is really nice to have positive feedback from our customers, especially when they remain faithful to our brand. We are always happy when they come to us again, but this time with the intention to improve production by purchasing a larger and modern still. We wish them a lot of success in their further work.

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