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Delivery to Latvia

Delivery to Latvia
One more still is ready for delivery! This one is going to Latvia and it is one of our premium model stills with 2 side columns!
This distilling unit is specially made for a new client who has named it HEDONYA! In a few weeks you will get a whole story about HEDONYA's distillery.
Delivery date depends on the production capacity, and production schedule reservation. First free production date for our PREMIUM segment is the end of February, 2022, so if you are interested in some kind of stills, ask for the quote, but always pay attention on the deadline.
Model DWA with a side column is one of our best-selling models, suitable for small and medium distilleries as well as distilleries that distill several types of alcoholic distillates. DWA with a side column is a combined version of DWC and DWA because it allows you to make better use of the pot still itself. This model allows you to distill other alcoholic distillates (whiskey, vodka, ...) in addition to fruit brandies, (you can add an additional number of BP segments). By adding a T-way valve, you can distill gin and similar distillates, and you can also make spirit run (second cycle for fruit brandies). With a 120/150-liter DWA side column, you can distill about 500/600 liters of mash/wash (fermented fruit mixture or gin mixture) per day. Model DWA with side column allows you to distill gin in the same pot in several ways.

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