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Distillery Colakovic

Distillery Colakovic
We present wine cellar and brandy distillery Colakovic. A long time ago, in 1990, Grandfather Budimir Colakovic started brandy making with his son. At the very beginning, they have been making plum brandy, later apple brandy, and now they offer several different types of flavors. The accent was always on small quantity and premium quality!
This family was always dedicated to traditional distillation, craft, and handmade production, without pumps, machines, fruit grinders, and everything we have today. They have started with our 35 L still then they ordered DES pot still capacity of 200 L, and in the end, they crowned their distillery with a 350 L DES pot still. Two furnaces are covered with fire bricks to keep warm.
It is our honor to be a part of this distillery!

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