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Distillery DeBranding Doorwerth

Distillery DeBranding Doorwerth
What an amazing weekend it was! 💫✨ We were present for the official grand opening of the distillery De Branding Doorwerth in the Netherlands! 🥂
Not only is their range of white and dark rums made on our equipment, but the owner Mr Ton van Arkel also runs our Dutch office under the same roof. This gives potential clients the opportunity to view the stills in action, try some tasty rum, and also get a 1 on 1 with a professional distiller schooled by non other then prof. Guert van Rennes, who's knowledge and exeperience has been passed to hundreds of distillers and can be tasted in every drop. 🍹
De Branding Doorwerth makes White Rum, Brown Rum Heavy Toasted Oak vapor infused citrus fruit, Brown Rum Heavy Toasted Oak Single Cask 1 year old , Limoncello and Orangecello two delicious liqours.
Come say hi, try some yummy rum, and let the DESstilling bug do its magic!In the coming weeks the DES team will be all over the place, we will be worse then COVID 19 so stay tuned and follow us for more DEStilling news.

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