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DWA 150 L with a side column

DWA 150 L with a side column

You have already seen Doris. This is how she looks after installation.
We installed Doris in Sweden at @vasterasdestilleri . They have first started up a distillery in Västerås. We are very happy to join them on their journey and to be involved in the whole process, from the very beginning.

Can’t wait to see them grow and try their gin, because something special is coming 🤫🥰 Thank you for choosing DES pot stills! ✨

Doris is 150 liters pot still with 6 plate side column, Atex electric heating, CIP cleaning system, receiver tank and engraved Brass door, soon she will produce her first gin!

For more information about this kind of still visit www.despotstills.eu and select our premium segment!

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