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Dwa still with side column

Dwa still  with side column

Have you ever wanted a multipurpose still which you can use to distill all types of alcoholic beverages? One of the biggest factors in choosing the still is the type of spirit you want to produce! With this highly developed configuration, you can easily produce gin, whiskey, vodka, fruit brandy, bitters, different types of liqueurs, and other spirits on the same still.

Model DWA with a side column is produced in capacities of 120, 150, 200, 300, 500, and 1000 L. This model is one of our best-selling configurations. A Complete kit with everything you need, suitable for small and medium distilleries as well as distilleries that distill several types of alcoholic beverages. The main type of material we use to make all stills is pure electrolytic copper DHP quality and as you know copper is the best heat conductor. Each still can be powered by electricity, gas, steam or solid fuel, but this still is a combo of two – electric heating and solid fuel. The column consists of 4 bubble plate segments, which enable maximum extraction of ethanol in one distillation process.

Practically the rectification bubble plate segment, acts as a small still redistilling the accumulated reflux heated by the coming alcohol vapor. The biggest advantage of this model is the possibility of directing the path of alcoholic vapor using the 3way valves. The 4 in 1 set up allows the distiller to experiment and use different distilling methods to achieve his goal in smoothness, taste heaviness or lightness of flavor.

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