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Gavran distillery

Gavran distillery
From Rakitovec, a small village surrounded by fields and meadows the best Croatian gin is coming. Only 500 people live in this place but the last house hides a unique and brilliant Raven distillery.
The owners, Ivan and Paula, have used very specific methods to create the best London dry gin recipe. First of all, they visited a lot of distilleries in the neighborhood, then they learned everything about distilling, creating the recipes, packing the samples... They sent 5 bottles labeled with numbers 1-5 to their friends to test them. In 3 bottles they put the top market gin , in one a little cheaper gin, and their newly created gin in the last bottle. They did not give up until the Raven London dry giant started to win the blind taste test. Finally, the 23rd recipe won, that is why the name of this award-winning gin is Raven’s 23.
Distillation is performed on a DES Performance hobby 100-liter pot still. With gas or electric heating, this semi-professional still with a column enables easy and simple distillation. In the package with this still comes a compact digital thermometer that sends instructions/suggestions to the user on mobile phone app via Bluetooth: reduce heating, increase cooling, ethanol has started to evaporate ... As you can see, plan + persistence + recipe + boiler = best London dry gin.

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