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Handcrafted gin from Poland

Handcrafted gin from Poland

Jonston gin is an artisanal handcrafted gin from Poland, the taste of which is built by an exceptional selection of various herbs.

It all started with an idea that combines traditional distillation methods with a soul of primeval spirit. Their goal is to create intriguing and equally fascinating gin.

As you know, gin can be produced in several ways. They create theirs by macerating juniper berries and other botanical ingredients in the base spirit. The maceration process takes several hours. They also put some of the ingredients into the gin infusion basket.

Meet Pawel and Kasia. Co-founders and Co-owned of Jonston Distillery. They are the perfect team, he is the navigator. Captain's eye, he sets the course, keeps an eye on control panel... Meanwhile, she is the captain of their ship, responsible for collaboration with suppliers, for the creation of gin recipes as well as keeping eyes on processes.

All their botanicals are unique, they come from different parts of the world, such as juniper barriers which come from Macedonia.

At the moment we have this still in stock and it is available immediately, so if you would like to make a story and business similar to Jonston's distillery, email us at sales@des.rs or visit our website www.despotstills.eu

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