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Hobby performance 100 L

Hobby performance 100 L
Performance hobby 100 L still – where the hobby meets professional distillation! You may be a hobbyist distiller a professional distiller or maybe someone who is just interested in starting a distillery in the future THE PERFORMANCE HOBBY 100 L STILL is perfectly suitable for all distillation lovers.
This semi-professional column still provides easy and efficitent distillation with significant time savings. Maybe you are used to stand by your pot still during the distillation process, but you don't have to do that anymore, Performance hobby distilling app will allow you to measure and monitor key temperatures on your mobile phone, easily controlling the flow of spirit.
The app alarms you if something goes wrong (if any temperature goes higher then it is suggested) and it gives you advices on what you should do in every individually situation, it gives directives how to manage the still, how to control and maintain the temperatures in the mash, column, cooler, dephlegmator and the temperature of the final distillate.

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