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Juniper brandy

Juniper brandy
Slovenian juniper brandy (Brinjevac) is a synonym for a medicinal drink, suitable primarily for eliminating stomach problems. It has a clear and transparent, contains between 40% and 50% of alcohol and it has a very recognizable bitter taste. Franc Jelushich produces Kraski Brinjevac, widely known and awarded the designation of geographical origin. The recommended amount enough to help a person with stomach problems is one small glass, so a bottle of this drink in the households lasts for months.
The famous juniper brandy and excellent cognac Jelushich produces in the DES 100 L still. As you can see, on the pot there is a column with 3 bubble plates, which enables shortening of the production process without the need for double distillation.
Franc also has a farm where visitors are allowed to ride horses and enjoy the fairytale scenery and beautiful Slovanian nature.

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