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Laske - Slovenian distillery

Laske - Slovenian distillery
Laske - Slovenian distillery founded in 2013, its main product is grappa called 'tropinovec'. Owner, Klemen Bizjak, is really dedicated to creating the perfect spirit while using the most delicious grape varieties: Merlot & Muskat!
@laske2013 operates with DES DIAMOND 200 L pot still. This still is part of the hobby segment, but it can also be used for professional purposes. This still contains a copper pot with an inlet and discharge opening, cap, connecting pipe and cooler, and it can be heated by solid fuel or by gas (gas burner is not included in price).
Grappa is made by distilling the mash-pomace (a blend of grape seeds, stalks, and stems) leftover from the wine-making process. The aim of distillation is not just to extract the alcohol from pomace, but also its aromas – a key characteristic of grappa. In fact, a good Grappa is able to capture the essence of the grape variety used to make it.
Klemen has won a huge number of medals in different competitions and festivals, thus proving that a hobby can also be a profession.

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