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Limbay gin

Limbay gin

The @limbaygin is made in Slovenian city, Celje. 🍹 The love for the sea and the passion for flying gave the owners a feeling of infinity and freedom, which have led them to be able to enjoy every sip of the elixir they put together, brewed, and named after the Lim Channel. 🌊

At the very beginning, they bought small hobby stills in capacities of 1 and 35 litres, which they used to define the original gin recipes. Very soon they bought new distilling toys, a classic hobby 60 and 100-litre stills. The business was growing, customers were very interested in Limbay assortment, however their production needs were increased. So, in February this year, we have delivered them a new Performance hobby 100 L still.⭐

With the special design of Limbay bottles, labels, and gift boxes, they are doing really good marketing. Also, they are attending all gin festivals with the fantastic look of their stand. If you visit Slovenia, you can buy Limbay gin in Slovenia's treasures ZAKLADI SLOVENIJE, where you can find food & ethno souvenirs.🍸🍹

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