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Making different alcohol beverages

Making different alcohol beverages

After you answer to questions below we will be able to offer you a perfect, custom-made still, suitable for your needs.

This multipurpose pot still is delivered to its final destination Paradise Rum distillery in Australia. This sill is designed for making different alcoholic beverages. It is a two rectification column (10 bubble plates) still electrically powered, manufactured for a modern type of distillation and obtaining high-proof alcohol in a single run.

1. What kind of alcoholic beverage are you planning to make?
2. What volume of pot are you looking for?
3. What is your desired production volume per day? (L/day)
4. Which is the perfect cap for your needs?
* whiskey cap or alembic cap

5. What type of distillation column are you interested in?
*Bubble plate side column, copper plates side column – aroma column or column with with copper (mash) filling

6. Which heating option would be suitable for your distillery?
*electric, or gas heating, steam injection, solid fuel or combo of 2

7. Which is additional equipment you need?

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