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North point distillery

North point distillery
Based in the very North of Scotland, a team of @northpointdistillery is making Rum, Gin and Spiced Rum. The team is distilling spirits in the DES still called Stroma. This copper still has AROMA MAX column, whiskey helmet and botanical gin basket. Their young rum is aged in Scotch Whisky barrels on-site at North Point Distillery to create a truly unique blend of the Caribbean and the Scottish Highlands. When they are on the production line, they hand fill each bottle, hand seal, hand sticker, and hand sign every single one before delivery.
As you can see, we have made a lot of options so you can make your own still. You can choose from alembic to column or whiskey cap for your still or both caps, also you can choose a heating option or combo of two. If you want you can select additional equip that you would like to have as additional isolation, number of column segments, receiving tanks, pre-heating tanks, etc. We are available at sales@des.rs. All DES distilling configurations are customizable and personalized with very fast lead time.

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