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Patric distillery

Patric distillery
We have visited really respectable Croatian family distillery Patrick, named by the owner. They are making 14 types of popular spirits, and to meet market needs they are distilling 20 hours per day.
After years of winemaking, in 2004 Patrick started production of its first honey brandy specially made for one customer. Nowadays they are making bitters, plum and pear brandy, gin, different types of liqueurs made from cherry, orange, nuts and carob. Their most popular liqueur is teranino, really favorite in Croatia.
4 people are behind this distillery: Patrick, his wife Vesna, and two daughters, they are an awesome team that is putting maximum effort to produce and deliver 20.000 liters per year all over the Croatia. They purchase raw materials in Croatia and sell spirits through tourism as the leading branch of alcohol consumption and through retail chains. They are distilling brandies but as a base for liqueur making, they are using ethyl alcohol. Producing on DES 350 L still, Patrick is one of the famous and awarded Croatian distilleries.
So success requires years of work, a lot of effort and commitment, quality raw materials and even better distillate, and finally a creative marketing and wise product placement to achieve success similar to the Patrick Distillery.


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