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Pot still design for making whiskey

Pot still design for making whiskey
For people who like to experiment, we have reduced the traditional huge whiskey pot still to our format, so we offer a pot still with a whiskey cap intended primarily for the production of whiskey and also for the production of the other alcoholic beverages. The type of cap was purposely made for the distillation of whiskey, which, according to the claims of the greatest experts, provides a low level of stress for the extraction of steam from the pot to the cooler. Double-wall, (bain-marie or water bath), material thicknesses (primarily copper), automatic pot cleaning system, different ways of heating the pot, are just some of the advantages of this distillation device.
Our team of engineers has made a very practical solution according to which the connecting pipe can be used in two ways: the first variant with the pipe going up to the cooler, which during distillation gives a smoother smell and taste and drinkable whiskey, while the reverse position when the pipe has a slight drop towards the cooler more intense aroma, heavier whiskey and especially the intensity of organoleptics.
Which distillation device are you interested in?

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