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Promotion of our new model 10 L mini hobby

Promotion of our new model 10 L mini hobby
This weekend was pretty busy here at our test facilities, as we were simultaneously distilling essential oil, gin, wine and whiskey on our newest 10 L mini hobby stills. 🍹🍸🍷
Mini hobby 10 L still is the perfect device for everyone passionate about home distilling. This still is a small multi-practical pot still intended for the production of all types of spirits and essential oils, so in the newest video what we are preparing, it’s time to show you what this still can really do.
In the newest episode one girl will show you how to make your own essential oils at home, by using this mini hobby 10 L still. Srđan is going to distill gin and he will share his recipe with you, while Nikola will distill wine and whiskey.
It was really interesting to compare obtained results, our actors gave their best to present you a multipurpose of this still. Soon you can expect this video, and until we are available on www.despotstills.eu

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