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Rum making

Rum making

What is a paradise for you? 😍 In such a place in Scotland, DES® premium still is making beautiful and famous rum. Just imagine having a distillery in this spot🏞️

Based in the very North of Scotland, a team of @northpointdistillery does things a little differently. They distill their spirits in our still with whiskey helmet using only the best, sustainable ingredients, using hand-selected whisky casks from local whisky distilleries to mature and finish their products.

North Point Pilot Rum is made from the very finest sugarcane and molasses with a North Point Distillery twist! Their young rum is aged in Scotch Whisky barrels on-site at North Point Distillery to create a truly unique blend of the Caribbean and the Scottish Highlands.

However, we have made a lot of options so you can make your own still. You can choose from alembic to column or whiskey cap for your still or both caps, also you can choose a heating option or combo of two. If you want you can select additional equip that you would like to have as additional isolation, number of column segments, receiving tanks, pre-heating tanks, etc. We are available on sales@des.rs.

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