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Senekovič distillery

Senekovič distillery
This is how it looks when the perfect dream comes true. There is no photo that can show the beauty of Slovenian vineyards, you really have to experience that feeling for yourself. In Jurovski dol, surrounded by perfect vineyards, Senekovič, a family distillery, is located. A long time ago, Franc founded a small distillery and he has been making the highest quality wines and different types of spirits ever since. A few months ago Franc and his son Jože decided to start a gin and liqueurs production so they ordered a new DES still made by our company.
They have bought a 150 L Premium side column still and here you will see a few photos of the montage. This still has one column with 3 bubble plate segments which will help owners get better quality of the final distillate and significant run time reduction.
The side column still is perfect for experimenting with different types of alcoholic beverages because it has 3-way valves that can be used for directing steam in different paths achieving a high degree of versatility. So this still can be used for traditional or column methods of distillation, with or without gin basket. 4 in 1 distilling swiss army knife!
For all information about hobby and commercial stills we are available at sales@des.rs or on our website www.despotstills.eu

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