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The Lincoln distillery

The Lincoln distillery
The Lincoln distillery produces gin in our Performance hobby 100 L still. We just want to share this beautiful story with you.
Independent and family owned, the Lincoln Distillery is established in 2017, by two-man team made up of owner and distiller Matt and his father-in-law John. Working together they have taken the business from its humble beginnings in Matt’s family kitchen to an established craft distillery.
They produce small batch spirits all finished by hand, ensuring each bottle is of the highest quality and taste. Their flagship product, Lincoln Gin, with branding carefully designed to promote Lincoln’s rich heritage and distilled with locally inspired botanicals, is available in London Dry, Cask Aged and Navy Strength varieties.
From their base on the banks of the Foss Dyke, possibly the oldest canal in England (still in use), they are sending best quality products.
Now, you can configure your own still and get 3D view, https://www.despotstills.eu/en/configurator

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